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Efficient technological advancements with a pinch of innovation in it.

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What is an Vzita software

In the development of these next-generation products, we provide services that range from product development to product maintenance, front end to full Angle of technology and a lot more. Previously we had worked for various financial institutions and helped them to make their respective workflow paperless. We have worked in various departments of the organisations like core Banking, Sacco/MFI Management, Leasing, Mortgage, E-tax, Clearing and Settlement.We have also given our contribution to other sectors of E/Channel Banking (Mobile, Internet, Agency), CRB Reporting, Business Intelligence, CRM, ERP, Managed Services, Database, Unified Communications and Switching.

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UBENINC team comprises of IT experts from various segments. If one member is a specialist in C then another is a Java Guru. If one excels in websites simultaneously another is a master of databases. All these disciplines of IT weave together seamlessly in the service of customers when they specify they need something that will help them achieve goals, not just carry on routine tasks. We go beyond the bounds of normal definition of development to evolve technologies encompassing business.

Our Team

Working efficiently we have managed to build a team of experts who work smart with dedication.