Billing Software

Enhance your billing ways by providing a bill with all the details and work efficiently on the system to cut down the ques.

What is Billing Software?

Billing software helps you to have an accurate invoice and calculations with efficiency and accuracy. This software provides you an ease of access to all the aspects of billing at one stop. Ubeninc Technologies allows you to handle all the invoices and other billing related essentials included in the software.

    Key Points:-

  • Get rid of long ques and irritated customers at the counter of your store.
  • Helps the customer to get information related to transactions and an easy payment action can take place.
  • Get instant updates about the inventory and accounts.
  • Integrates with other software such as accounting and inventory software updated automatically.
  • Get updates from every department on a real-time basis.

Our Vision:-

With Ubeninc Technologies Billing software, you can customize your invoices and get rid of unwanted issues created by the customer. The software provides an extraordinary experience by giving you a time saving method of calculating large transactions at one go.

How to use Billing Software?

The invoice module lets you send professional invoices, automate reminders, and accept card payment online. The software records offline payment received and view invoice history and keep track of all the changes, you can set up your preferred payment gateway, and start accepting card payments to instantly increase your cashflow. You can view outstanding invoices and can make payments.

    Why billing software is useful?

    Billing software saves time which is spent on sending professional invoice, automate payments and reminder and also accepts card payments online in just a blink of an eye. Instant acceptance of payment which increase cash-flow. Right expectance with professional- looking estimates which provides you term and conditions to customer notes can be captured with ease. Offer your clients the convenience of accessing their estimates, invoices and timesheets in a single place.

Compatibility of Billing Software

Billing software can be easily operated on laptops, PC’s or mobiles. The app is compatible with both IOS/ Android platforms. You can pill multiple expenses to an invoice by adding expenses form the Add button mentioned under the invoice module. Sales person can be easily traced down with the help of billing software, easily convert the currencies with pre-defined tools added in the software.