Document Digitization

Digitize your paper files documents and save it in a more compact means of storage.

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What is Document Digitization?

Document Digitization is basically a process of converting information into a digital format. In this format, information is organized into discrete units of data that can be separately addressed. Digitization gives you a better picture about your company’s consumers and you can take good managerial decision at your enterprise front.

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    Key Points:-

  • Data which are unutilized are advantageous for your company.
  • Improves relationship between customers and companies by providing them effective data on time.
  • It provides an omnichannel experience to the customers with giving them enormous experience of media, mobile and online communication.
  • The virtualization of work allows the worker to remotely access all data.
  • The solution gives you insight of both internal function and customers satisfaction which will help you in better management.
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Our Vision:-

Our vision is to create a world class working environment with virtual solution and a remote access to your office in one click. Owners of the business should know about their company’s health just by visiting all the data at a single place which could only be done by digitization process.

How to use Document Digitization?

Document Digitization as the name says is digitizing all your documents stored in cabinets or shelves to a digital shelf. All the necessary documents which you want to keep secure, you just need to collect them, and we will scan it. All the scanned documents will be stored under the tag and kept under different labels. Identifying document types and grouping based on related documents. It defines archive structure which allows grouping of documents by topic. Dividing topics into sub topics, allows you to find the document in jiffy. No matter how old document is document digitization helps you in looking upon all the documents at one go.

    Why Document Digitization is Useful?

    Document digitization is useful as it increases the efficiency of employees. Every document is accessible with the help of keywords which are tagged with the documents. Scanned copy of the original document provides a fall-back option in case the paper is lost or damaged. The digital copies make it much faster, easier and safer to find and use the required documents without physically touching/needing the original documents.

Compatibility of the software

The goal of Document digitization is to significantly reduce the dependence on original paper documents without adversely affecting operational efficiency, security and control. It is a powerful software equipped with powerful programming interface. It is revolving around one simple idea-making document possession on easy and unparalleled task for everyone. It saves the document as single page in PDF, PNG and JPEG. Post image processing can be done such as colour adjustments, colour space conversion effect and filters.