Document Management System

A best way to keep your document in digital shelf and access it whenever and from wherever you are with a our Document Management System.

What is Document Management System?

Document Management System or DMS by Ubeninc Technologies appears as a digital shelf where you can store all your data safely. A single platform through which you can track and manage multi-level files by various departments with the hold of its users. The software also provides a global access to your files whenever you want to have a look at it.

document management software

    Key Points:-

  • It helps in making your organisation paper free.
  • It helps in improving your business productivity and business.
  • It can help all types of business to implement it due its flexibility and cost effectiveness.
  • It helps you in digitizing all the departments of your organisation and can get all the information of the department on your laptop.
  • With this one software incorporated in your system, it can get you any data from any department in a moment.
document management system

Our Vision:-

Innovative DMS system allows you to experience a paperless environment to work. A one and only system which provides you bulk file upload and File Routing and Approvals with a customized dashboard which allows you to have an ease of access.

How to use DMS?

Customize your Data management system or DMS according to yourown needs. A DMS is a customizable software which gives you an access over the tabs you want to keep, and which is appropriate for your office and also for your employees. Keep all your tram files in one place and in an organized way by keeping them organized on a cloud-based storage. The enhanced cyber security helps you to store and access your files safely. Focus on your work rather than checking the updates. DMS will automatically notify once there’s any update in the premise.

    Why DMS is useful?

    A DMS is useful when it comes to workflow automation. An owner can easily access any document and can check any process from anywhere. Each and every employee will have some authorization to view and access level for files and folders and extra permission. Some can edit it, and some can be organizers to organize the documents. An admin will have the access over all the levels of the document and can change or see all the data at any level.

Compatibility of the software

The software works online and offline both. It syncs from your windows, Mac desktop and vice-versa. It maximises the local storage space by choosing which file to sync and de-sync. You can switch between desktop and cloud-based storage in DMS easily. Just drag and drop to move files online. Keep all your employees’ updates as you work. Changes made to a file in a team will sync on the cloud on desktop or on the mobile app.