Loan Management Software

Keep all your loan and your customers records streamlined and get notified on every update.

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What is Loan Management Software?

Loans can be the sold bedrock on which financial institutions operate and generate revenues. However, it can be resilient tough to manage loans when these are handed out to thousands of people. Ubeninc loan management software for financial institutions makes it a piece of a cake to manage loans through its automation features.

Use of enterprise resource planning system

    Key Points:-

  • Separate sections for consumer loans and business loans segmented into online, line of credit and real estate as well as commercial and industrial loans.
  • Monthly reminders, instalments and interest calculations.
  • Define EMI, variables and payment structures. Manage each loan through its lifecycle, terminate loans and close accounts.
  • Modify and reschedule loans, Refinance loans, structured principal, fees and interest.
  • Adjust transactions, penalty, waivers, loan buyback management etc.
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Our Vision:-

We at Ubeninc Technologies aim at bringing in a software solution for the Loan management institutions to manage their documents in a more scheduled way. Our software solution assures safety and security of the documents and also ensures authorised login.

How Loan Management Software is used?

A loan management software consists of comprehensive loan data model, tape cracking model and reporting tools, providing a true end-to-end platform for managing all loan processes from acquisition to exit. Ubeninc’s end-to-end solution helps to manage their pipelines and track loan through all stages, from initial acquisition through sale or portfolio management.

    Why Loan Management Software is useful?

    A loan management software manages purchases of whole loans, it handles flow and bulk acquisition. It cracks seller bid tapes, setup import maps per seller/ run standard validations. It run overviews and gives multiple satisfaction of the loan data. It captures package trade details required for funding loan custodian receipts/ exceptions reports and record final deposition.

Compatibility of Loan Management Software

Loan Management Software audited hosted platforms with full disaster recovery and enterprise- grade security means freedom from infrastructure worries and costs. A multi-instance architecture means your data is never commingled with other clients. The Loan Management Software can also be installed on any company’s servers.