Student Information & Management System

Manage the documents of your students, faculties, courses, library, fee in a more scheduled way. We help in securing all the documents digitally with easy retrievable.

What is Student Information & Management System?

School ERP is one-stop software solution for the schools and institutes which will help your organisation in performing regular activities and manage all your operations in the most scheduled manner. From transport department to account department, from report cards to daily activities, every department comes under a vigilance and organised communication.

    Key Points:-

  • It encompasses all the departments and helps in better management.
  • Easy and early reminders to parents and students for upcoming events, exam dates, report cards etc.
  • It makes a better communication between parents & teachers which results in helping overall growth of the students.
  • Only authorised person can login and can access the data.
  • It encircles school principal, administration, parents and all other departments and which helps in eliminating all the communication gaps.

Our Vision:-

In today’s world, where in schools are responsible not only for the education and personality development of the students but they are also liable for their safety and security. SIMS by Ubeninc Technologies ensures not only an easy management of these tasks but also keeps all the records of the departments.

How to use Student Information & Management System?

Under different modules of the system you can access different information. For instance, in admission module you will have control of almost all parameters such as class, sections, caste, blood group, parent’s occupation etc. Under file module you will have an enhanced control over the file structure of every student. You will have a biometric or smart card attendance for every staff, which will allow you to have a look upon their accounts. With the class teacher module, you can allocate time table and every detail under one system. From asset module you can have a view over all the suppliers and the items.

    Why SIMS is Useful?

    Gone are those days when people use to have registers to maintain all records of the students and the stationery used by them. Student Information Management System allows admin to access everything from admission to fee structure and performance of every student. Parents can get easy notifications through the software if any changes are made in the daily routine of the student. Parents can easily track their child in school bus and know about their performance and what all classes he/she is attending.

Compatibility of the Software

The application works both on laptops or mobiles. The app is compatible with both Android and IOS. You can easily operate the app by logging in from the login credentials. For instance, if the student wants to make a request of any book from the library, he/she can make the request from the app. Application comes with a user friendly interface which makes it easier to operate remotely.