Visitor Management System

Vzita visitor management system is ideal to keep track of your visitors data and helps in a better vigilance.

Vzita visitor management software

What is Visitor Management System?

Securing the office premises is one of the main concern for which a manual staff at reception is not enough to ensure office's security. For this, an organization needs a visitor management system which notifies the user once the visitor enters the office premises. Visitor Management System developed by Ubeninc Technologies notifies about the check-in and check-out timings of the visitor and also traces the reason and the contact person.

Visitor management software

    Key Points:-

  • It improves organisation security.
  • It helps in managing the data of your visitors.
  • It helps in pre-registration for your guests.
  • Notification through SMS, email and OTP validation of your visitors.
  • Enables instant visitor passes with all the detailed information.
  • Avoids unnecessary conflicts at the entry level and gives a pleasant guest experience.
Datos document management system

Our Vision:-

VMS by Ubeninc Technologies makes your premises safe and secured wherein unauthorised entries can be stopped. It also shows your welcome gesture for your guests and clients. Shake hand with us and make your premises a better place.

How to use VMS?

VMS or Visitor Management System can easily be installed in almost every organization. The application can be installed in the tab and controlled by a control panel which can be accessed on PC’s and Laptops by filling your login credentials. By the control panel you can authorize users and set some pre-defined rules of meeting. A visitor and the host will get notified once he/she steps and steps out of the premises with application he gives you the feedback.

    Why VMS is useful?

    A VMS enhances the welcome gesture of your organization for your visitors. A VMS allows the user to reach and get almost every detail of the visitor. It enhances the security of the premise and let your visitor enter the right cabin and not wasting its time by peeking at every department. Know your potential clients and also the weak areas of your office by looking at the feedback submitted by the visitor.

Compatibility of the software

The software is compatible with IOS and Android platforms. The application is easily accessible Tabs and phones also the data can be easily downloaded in .csv file allowing you to keep a record saved. Software is meant to keep an eye on every visitor and know the time spent on entertaining them by your employees.